A Student’ Dissertation Written by Himself

Writing a dissertation is a long way project with a lot of efforts and study. It is not only a lengthy project but with stress and pain of hard work. So just to compete it within the given time period you need to be aware of a few things. Therefore, this article is written to let you know about those things and that is here;

Be Realistic about Your Capabilities: No one is capable of doing everything because everyone has abilities to be best in one thing or more but not for everything. In regards to writing dissertation and finding a unique topic is a difficult task but not impossible. Every student thinks along the lines of demands for his dissertation from his institute and he thinks to achieve them. Spend time to think new ideas for your dissertation and write down each idea to consider later with all pros and cons. Find a topic that has not been researched before by studding and searching online. Do not bother a topic that has been researched a lot and has no more potential to generate new knowledge.

Avoid Being Fake: A dissertation consists of hundreds of pages and it requires a good stamina to write this lengthy stuff. That is why selection of topic must be according to your area of interest because nobody can putt his attention to a boring or un-liked topic. If you are enjoying writing then for sure it will be easy to write long with a lot of words and ideas. But if you are not happy with the topic or writing then every word that you write will become a pain.

Realize the Length of Dissertation: Dissertation is not a common article of any ones’ interest that they can read within a while and know something new or interesting. It is a long document and very few people will be willing to be reader of this set of knowledge. Writing a dissertation is a hell that you have to suffer alone. This is a document that includes all of your ideas so must be written in an interesting way to grab attention of readers. No doubt these are your ideas so must be written in your own words with use of technical language. Use a simple language that would be easy for you write and for reader too to understand.

Consider That There Will Be a Keen Reader to Read Your Dissertation: Before submitting final copy of your dissertation, have brief looks to eliminate all mistakes and error. This can be done by your own and can also ask for a help from a professional dissertation editing service to proofread your work.

Another thing that you must keep mind is while writing your dissertation is using simple words. Using simple words mean the use of appropriate word according to situation or statement that you are writing. If you mean ‘today’, don’t say ‘this day; never confuse ‘less’ and ‘fewer’; ‘credulity’ and ‘credibility’ because these are not interchangeable words. These are some simple things those are neglected by a student who is writing a dissertation for the first time. But considering these can lead you towards success of your dissertation.

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Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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