Communication Mistakes to Avoid When Working on Dissertation

Working on Dissertation
When working on their dissertations, students have to be close to their supervisors and know that it is necessary for them to keep in touch with their mentor, tell them what they are doing, send them updates and ask them for feedback and come to them if they run into any problems related to their paper and their studies. A supervisor is just like a teacher who can help students and guide them on what they should do, what they should avoid and how to work the best way on their papers.

However, there are times when students feel that they are doing well on their own and do not need any dissertation supervisor and even when they have one mentor waiting to work with them and guide them, they keep on working on their own. They fail to communicate the right way with their supervisor and in most of the cases this is the biggest mistake as they can run into some problems if they are not careful. Cheap dissertation writing services help students in that way. This article is a guide for students as it guides them on the biggest communication mistakes that they end up making when working on their dissertations and how to avoid making these mistakes.

The first and the biggest communication mistake that students make while working on their dissertations is lack of communication or not keeping in touch with their supervisor when writing their papers. Students forget to update their supervisors about what they are doing, how their paper is progressing and if they are proceeding in their right direction. When they don’t do all this, they end up making mistakes that are too late to rectify because they failed to keep in touch with their supervisors. Another mistake that students make while working on their papers is that they agree with their supervisors just to avoid conflict and this leads them in further trouble.

Instead of communicating with them the right way and seeking their advice and opinion on what they should do and moving in the right direction, these students just agree with whatever the supervisor is saying even if they do not feel right and it causes them a lot of trouble in their class. Students make the mistakes of coming to their dissertation meetings unprepared or by doing things on halfway that gets them into trouble. They need to know that their supervisors are busy people and they will not be able to meet the students again and again to discuss their paper.

Thus, the students must make sure that they do not make this communication mistake and avoid coming to their meetings without planning things. Students must make sure that they should take all criticism in a healthy manner and do things the right way instead of becoming defensive and taking it personally as it is the biggest communication mistake and can cost them their paper or their degree. Thus, they must work the right way and keep in touch with their supervisor for best results.

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