Guidelines to Prepare Format of Critical Essay That You Should Know

Format of Critical Essay
A critical essay is the analysis of a text such as an article, film, book or painting. In this type of essay we will need to provide the analysis of one of them. For example, we have read a book and then we are asked to write a critical essay on this book. We will need only to write the main theme of book in the critical essay format. The format of a critical essay is given below;

The first thing in critical essay is the abstract of your essay. The abstract is the short summary of your essay. You will need to write shortly the meaning of your title in abstract. Then you will need to write the things which you are going to explain in your essay. These things should be written as short as possible. Buy essay online if you think that you are unable to write abstract. You will also need to write your result about the topic of your essay. It means that whether you think it is true statement or wrong.

Main Idea:
Then you will need to write the main idea of your critical essay. This describes the meaning of your essay. This will give us the answer of the essay’s question. You will need to write the main idea after clearly understanding the topic of your essay. Your main idea is very important because on the bases of your main idea you will be able to explain the essay in an effective way.

Thesis Statement:
In thesis statement, you will need to focus on the topic of your critical essay in one or two sentences. These sentences will be written in support of your topic. Thesis statement reflects your thinking about the topic of your essay. You can’t write the thesis statement very long. Moreover, you can’t also provide the explanation to support sentences in the thesis statement. You can provide the explanation in the body of your critical essay.

In introduction of your critical essay, first of all, you will need to give the brief description of the main theme or idea of your critical essay. Then you will need to explain your thesis statement. You will need to explain the thesis statement by giving the evidence. This evidence may be quotes or any other suitable example which will clearly prove your thesis statement.

At last, you will need to write a paragraph on the conclusion of your critical essay. In conclusion, you will need to explain the findings of your essay that are explained in our previous article “how to write dissertation”. In other words, we can say that we can write the result of our critical essay. The conclusion of essay is very important because it will reflect the image of our essay. This is the format to write a critical essay. We will need to follow this format. If we will not follow the format then our essay will not be accurate and we will not be able to get great grades by submitting an essay which has no proper format.

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