Key rules to select a topic for your PhD research

The ability and talent to develop an interesting research topic for your PhD research is a significant. There are possibilities that the instructor may assign a research topic to you but most often the instructor asks you to select a topic for you by your own. There are some key rules that need to be followed while selecting a good topic for your PhD research.
Ø Use the internet and brainstorm for interesting ideas as many research sites can be helpful for generating new ideas. You should know whether you have a strong view on the current political or social controversy, or do you read a recent news story, or do you have a personal interest on which you would like to conduct a research.

Ø Select a topic that will allow you to read as well as understand the relevant literature.Read and collect general background of your research question. Reading a broad content and summary of articles will let you know the overview of the topic and will give an idea on how the topic you have selected is related to the narrower or broader issues.

Ø Make sure that the topic you chose is manageable for you and the relevant material you will need during the research is also available. The topic should not be too broad or too narrow or they will be hard to research.

Ø Create a list of the key words to be used during the research. Look for those words that describes your topic to its best. Keep looking for them when finding literature and articles, general information and the background of the topic.

Ø Be flexible to modify your research as you may never be sure what you may find out during the research. During your research you may not be willing to change your topic but you may accept that some other aspects of the topic are more manageable or interesting.

Ø Describe your selected topic as the focused study question.

Ø Read maximum about your topic and research and find as much information as possible regarding your topic. Use the key words that you have selected for your work and find maximum information for answering your question.

Ø Formulate the thesis statement by writing your topic as a thesis statement. This can be the answer for your research question and will be clearly stating the aims of your research.

Ø Practice exercises for extending your research learnings.

Selecting a good topic for your PhD research will never be easy and it will be narrow as well as focused enough to be fascinating, still broad enough for finding out adequate information. You must know what your final research project should look like before the beginning of the research.

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