Transition Words And Their Use in Academic Assignments

To write any kind of the academic paper, sometimes, we will have to link two sentences or paragraphs in such a way that there are no abrupt jumps between their ideas. The words that are used to link these sentences or paragraphs are known as transition words. These transition words are considered as vital devices for the academic papers or any other kind of the literary compositions. The main reason behind using these transition words is to progress the ideas of the readers from one sentence to the other sentence or from one paragraph to the other. If you are not able to use these transition words in an effective way, then you can get help from the academic writing services. Here, we will discuss some common transition words and their use in the academic papers. 

1) The first and the most famous transition word is “And”. We can use “And” in a sentence in the following way “We should be honest and fair in our dealings”.

2) Now, Chris is playing in the basketball team. In addition, he also a good player of hockey.

3) To write any kind of the academic paper, first of all, we should find out an intriguing topic; second, we should prepare a plan and outline; third, we should conduct an in-depth research by following this plan and outline.

4) Crytal likes to play cricket. Also, he is a good player of soccer.

5) This high school has a perfect location. Moreover, it’s academic record is also fantastic.

6) In a meeting, there were a lot of problems discussed. After discussing these problems, finally, our boss was able to find out the possible solutions to these problems.

7) To sum up, it is necessary for us to do some improvements in the high schools.

8) To conclude, I wish you will be able to enjoy your holidays in a jolly mode.

9) In conclusion, the players of your team were disasters.

10) This area is very dangerous for the passengers. To repeat, I warn you that there is no need to go there bare-footed.

11) The meeting of our team was not going well. In other words, the dinner was very delicious.

12) Like his grandfather, John likes to play hockey.

13) By comparison, John is much smaller than Ellen.

14) I am not able to play with you. Nevertheless, thanks for giving me an invitation.

15) John prefers to play cricket rather than paying attention towards studies.

16) Though I ate some mangoes because they are delicious and good for health, I hate them.

17) Although John was extremely tired, he studied for the two hours.

18) Ellen was out with her husband in the last night.

19) The beginning of the match was more thrilling than the ending.

20) There was a great exhibition held in the earlier of that month.

Along with these transition words, you can also use them, until, while, next, in time, meanwhile, eventually, now, and until by keeping in mind the condition of the sentences and paragraphs.

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