Is It Necessary To Forbid Using Animals For Entertainment?

Animals For Entertainment
It is widely accepted that using animals for entertainment means removing animals from this globe. Naturally, animals are the most beautiful creation of God. However, animals are using for entertainment. There are large varieties of animals on earth. Basically, in every country, there are many zoos that take fees from people to enter and spend their time with beautiful birds. People want to like animals from the class walls and iron bars in the zoos. However, most important question is that is it essential to forbid using animals for entertainment. It is very clear to say that animals should be free in order to fly in the sky. According to the moral point of view, keeping animals in the cages is not right. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of essay writing service will discuss that it is necessary to forbid using animals for entertainment.

Basically, most people believe that animals are safe and sound in the cages. However, we are a concern here that it is the wrong to act. Human beings should not apply all these steps in order to keep animals in the cages. We can compare cages with the imprisonment. A man cannot feel happy in the cages; therefore, the same animals will be worried about the cages. Most beautiful animals like meekest, common reptiles and farmyard are most attractive animals and plays an important role in order to get the attention of the children. There are many animals that are used for the purpose of entertainment. In sadly, see animals are also used for the purpose of entertainment. It is not right for the generation of animals; therefore, these acts should be stopped.

However, we can argue that it is not fair to keep animals in the cages. It is the most important question to think how animals feel in the cages. Naturally, animals are free, so how human beings have a right to keep them in the cages just for fun. It is most important that animals should provide their original environment. It is most important to think that animals would not be happier in the cages; they want to gain success and want to live in a natural environment.

Using animals for entertainment is very brutal and harmful action for the animals. Basically, it is a disastrous situation that should be controlled by human beings. Human beings should be avoided to choose animals for entertainment. Generally, we believe that dangerous animals should be kept in the cages or custody in order to keep safe human beings. Social media should give awareness about this major problem.

It is not right according to the moral and ethical sense. However, there is a counter-argument to this positive attitude. Most people believe that there are zoos across the world that do very little to enhance the prediction of their animals, providing minimal care and just banking on the attraction of exotic animals like lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, rhinos etc. There have been countless news story examples of endangered species found to be living in dreadful conditions in zoos.

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