What Research Says About A Genius Hour?

Genius hour is a special moment in which student is able to explore their own thoughts and passions, instead of that; genius hour encourages the student to improve their creativity in the classroom. According to the Wikipedia, “ genius hours originated from the 80/20 idea of many innovative companies, such as Google, where employees are given 20% of their time at work to work on their different projects and the overall system become very successful in most products such as Gmail, Google projects and Google news. “

Origin of Research Project

After this successful mission and project, teachers get a lesson from it and start to adopt this method in their classroom in order to improve the performance of the students and explore their passions. On the other side, when students get free to explore their ideas, they show good results to the children.

The Process of The Research Project 

The process of genius hour is not difficult and not too much different from the other processes that student does in their classroom. For example, in a classroom student is free to select a topic and conduct essential questions on it. However, the question should consist of in-depth research, community project and original topic. Most teachers allow their students to use the genius hour and create different topic throughout the year. In spite of all these processes, a student is completely free to choose the topic in which he is interested. After selecting and topic, students will conduct in-depth research on it and it will be their final project. Searching suitable information and analyzing this information will give abilities to the students to discover their objects. It may be about assignment reflection and presentation in the classroom.

Benefits of The Genius Hour

The first and most important benefit of the genius hour is the establishment of the traditional classroom, in these way students are able to make in-depth research on their interest topic and focus on the central point in order to gain success in the future. 

Hidden abilities of the students 

A second benefit of the genius hour is that teacher can get information about the interest and passion of the students and a teacher can judge hidden abilities and skills of a student. The use of genius hour increases the concentration and instructiveness of the students in the studies. Another benefit of the genius hour is that it allows more freedom to the students to pick their interested field in the future. 

A strong belief 

Most people think that Genius hour is the sign of superstition, indeed, it is a belief in which student is able to show his skills. According to Wikipedia,” no longer is the teachers' dispense of all knowledge, but students must be entrusted to make learning their own. Students need to do the hard work of critical thinking, creating and contributing”.

6 Principles to Use a Genius Hour 

As we have discussed above that genius hour is the independent approach of students to build passion-based work. It increases the curiosity in the minds of a student to explore new ideas and passions, in traditional words, it genius hour student is in the control of their mind, however, the better use of this special movement can be possible if you will follow all these 6 principles that are given below. 

Sense of purpose:

In order to better use these special moments, students should develop a sense of purpose. They need to understand what is creativity and how to get motivated thought of the project. Forced work cannot increase the creativity level, so, freedom of choice should be given to the students.


In their project, students should design and plan for their project without the help of teachers. For example, what should be a design of their dissertation, what should be the quality of content and what the experience is? 

Inquiry and navigation: 

Throughout the project, the student should inquire about every question with deep research. If students will make possible survey then they will be able to narrow down all the basic points. A student should adopt some inquiry-based learning in order to develop critical thinking.


In order to make, publish, and design and outstanding project, a student should create a genius hour in which they will able to visible all the things clearly 


In your project, you cannot gain success with the cut-out form the society and community. So, try to do work with teacher, friends and community people.


Yes, of course, this rule is important for the best structure of the genius hour, so create the best schedule by applying for this unique role.

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