10 Things to Check Before Submitting your Final Draft?

Writing is used as an instrument to convey ideas. Analysis and results are very important. Even the basic purpose of the writing is to manage the technicality of the dissertation. With the help of writing, the object and statement of writing are made very clear to the writer and the audience. So, to have a presentable analysis, writing skills need to be very good. Academic writing helps in improving analysis technique, technical aspects, and basic focusing of the mind. Writing is a skill that converts complicated things to simpler ones. It makes ideas understandable. Understanding all the scientific facts and advanced technology is not easy for a majority of the readers. But writers make it easy to understand for most of the readers. The world is getting more and more advanced in the field of writing. The technicality of anything is always related to something that is structured in a well-mannered way. Technicality is not related to something artistic. What if you want to be a writer? It would be best if you practiced more and more.

Structure of the Draft

Check out stability in the structure. Make sure there are not very long paragraphs that go up to one, or more than one page. It is a very bad practice to write long paragraphs. Instead of long paragraphs, you can go for two short ones and link them together. Ensure a good explanation of all the aspects. The writer should train himself in how to manage the structure of writing. This structure includes an explanation of the dissertation, interrelation between things, interpretation, as well as logical reasoning.

Check Grammar

Check and identify any grammar mistakes in the draft. If you are a good reader, it will be easy to point out grammar mistakes. But if you do not need a strong base for grammar, then you can go for online grammar checking tools. These include Grammarly, Ginger, Writer, and Language tool. Use any of them and remove all grammar mistakes.

Check Vocabulary

The law essay writing service firm said that some writers use difficult vocabulary to make their work attractive. But this practice is not good at all. So instead, one should always go for simple wordings. In this way, most of the readers will be able to understand the concept.


Punctuation plays an important role for ensuring the smoothness and accuracy of a sentence. Wrong punctuation leads you towards a lame sentence. To make your sentence speak louder, ensure accuracy of the punctuation within your writing.

Sequence of Argument

Always make sure of interrelation between all the paragraphs. There should be a smooth flow in the writing stance. For example, if you just completed one paragraph, the next paragraphs must be linked with the first one.

Check if all Problems Are Addressed

Make sure you have achieved your objective of writing in a well-mannered way. For this, you have to make sure that you have addressed the entire problem very well. If some of the points are missing in the problem discussion, it will be considered as a gap in the study. So to avoid such situations, make sure nothing is missing. Addressing the problem in a good way is the most basic requirement of any writing.

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Referencing Corrections

While working on any topic, it is very important to reference all the material taken from external sources. Referencing is one of the most basic needs for any writing related work. This work includes the referencing of books. Also, include referencing of all things that are from any source. Any plan from another article, book, journal, movie, document, or internet must also be cited. Same as text referencing, diagrams and charts need citation. It is also essential to note all those things that do not need referencing. It includes a personal examination of the writer. Also, anything from other sources that don’t need referencing, like comments, suggestions, and facts.

After ensuring referencing, you list down the bibliography. Accuracy in the bibliography is a sign of good writing. When the writer cites all sources, it eliminates the chances of disapproval. By this, chances of helpful responses are more. Therefore, such work is less likely to face criticism of any kind.

Improper referencing leaves a wrong impression. First, a thing to judge from improper referencing is that such writing shows that the writer does not have a good idea of the dissertation. Maintenance regarding reliability of the writer is only possible with good referencing. Good referencing also includes authentic source selection. Fake referencing goes against the rules and regulations.


Proofread the entire document and identify the mistake. Also, make it eye-catching. For example, the first paragraph of the introduction must be eye-catching. If it is boring, a reader will not get interested. Same as this, use some references to make your argument strong.

Check the Conclusion

Work on your conclusion very well. It is the last thing that attracts the reader. So, it is very important to leave a good impression through your conclusion. Talk about this with your fellows and with someone who can give you sincere advice. Discuss the accuracy of the work and ensure that. Let someone read your draft clearly and audibly. You can catch more mistakes by following this way. You can even guess in a better way if the flow of writing is fine and if arguments are well explained. Ensure whether the objective of the work has been addressed properly or not. Match your conclusion with the introductory paragraphs. In this way, it will be easy to get the idea about that study’s purpose.

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Take the Professor/Tutor’s Advice

The assignment help firm shared their views that before submitting the final draft, if you find something wrong and you cannot correct the mistake, make sure to meet with your advisor or some expert in the field. Take advice from them and sort out the issue. If everything is okay, then finalize your draft and submit it. But if you get to know about the mistakes, don’t ignore them at all. A little ignorance can lead you to failure. So to avoid major losses, go for the amendments. Just put some more effort into your work and then make it a final version worthy of submission.

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