Critical Review of the Education Policy in UK

Education Policy in UK

Education is important for us because it is providing the best opportunities for individuals to fulfil their dreams. After getting an education, the individuals can also contribute to society. When we review the education achievement levels, we find some stark differences. We have to face these differences due to different social classes. Children and young people may have to face these problems due to interconnected problems. Due to the social backgrounds, the children may have to face some differences in opportunities. That's why we can't compare a poor bright child with a rich bright child. Here, we will take a critical review of the education policy in UK.

Introduction or Definition of the Education Policy in UK

The UK government has prepared policies to take action in various areas. In these areas, there come guidelines, rules, laws and directions in the education system. Here, we have to link the ideas of power and authority. For this reason, they have ensured its existence at different levels. The education policy in UK is covering all the areas from the government policies to the basic rules. Due to the perception of no control, people can't easily understand its meaning. In the policy, they have introduced a top-down process. It means that the top-level management has to take decisions. After that, they pass these decisions to the responsible people. At last, they reach the people who are affected by these decisions. This thing is showing that government will operate these policies at different levels. Anyhow, you can still face its impacts.

Research Relevance

Instead of the utmost importance of education policy in UK, they know little about the policy creation. While working as an educational researcher, you should try to unpack the concepts. While preparing the policy, you should know its impacts on the everyday world. The education policy in UK can work well in the improvement of educational improvements. We have analyzed this thing from the professional activity and participant learning aspects of policy. Anyhow, there are some concerns relevant to the important policy decisions. That's why educational researchers should check the validity, reliability and relevance of the evidence. Here, they can suggest the areas where limited policy creation knowledge exists. Anyhow, the educational researchers have still some questions relevant to the hidden effects of the policies.

Policy Formation and Drivers

If we want to critically analyze the education policy in UK, The manager of coursework writing services firm says that we have to use a historical lens. It is the best way to shed light on the current policy drivers and try to investigate the key themes of this policy. When we investigate the key themes of this policy with historical perspectives, we can advocate these policies. It means that we can move forward along with looking backwards. Anyhow, we are still relying on educators because they have to fight against the same forces that still exist in society. Anyhow, the latest educational reforms will be helpful for us to overcome educational inequalities in society. We have to take some clues from the past for the implementation of the current education policy in UK.

Dimensions of Policy Making

While critical reviewing the education policy in UK, we can't ignore dimensions of policymaking. In the first dimension, there involve actors. They are individuals who try to influence the policy. Secondly, there comes the process used to prepare the policy. The PhD dissertation writing services Here, we have to consider comprehensive and incremental steps to prepare the policy. While preparing this policy, they have used the combined map of actors and processes. These things are showing the importance of this policy. They have created and followed a policy cycle while making this policy. First, they have compiled the ideas. After that, they have presented these ideas in the cabinet meeting for approval. No doubt, there have to face some limitations while following this step. Anyhow, they have followed this process successfully.

Range of Potential Policy Drivers

While reviewing the education policy in UK, we should also discuss the range of potential policy drivers. First, we should consider urgency. They have introduced some important things that should be done immediately. Secondly, we have to consider ideology. We can observe that the policymakers have solid ideas and beliefs. Thirdly, we should consider international exemplars. They have also discussed them successfully. Fourthly, we can review the cost of the policy. They have also created this policy by utilizing the limited resources. Fifthly, one can consider the electoral popularity of the policy. In this case, they have got the electoral popularity of the general public. Sixthly, we should see a glimpse of personal experiences. At last, we have also seen research evidence.

Policy Making Options

Education Policy in UK 2
If you are critically analyzing the education policy in UK, you can't ignore policymaking options. There were three policymaking options for the UK government. The first policy-making option was systematic. By following this process, we have to formulate and prioritize all the options. After that, we have to refine these options. The second was the incremental process. Here, we have to observe problems in the education systems and prepare a mechanism to find the best solutions to these problems. At last, there comes ad hoc. Under such a situation, the policymakers have to observe the problems outside of the education system and try to find their solutions. While making this policy, they have made the perfect use of these three options. That's why it is a perfect education policy.


Education has the utmost importance in our society because it allows individuals to work for the welfare of society. To bring innovations and improvements to the education system, the governments have to prepare education policies. Here, we have critically reviewed the education policy in UK. While reviewing this policy, we have considered lots of things. First, we have reviewed the definition and prescription of the policy. During this process, we have observed its research relevance. Secondly, we have reviewed the policy formation process and its drivers. We have seen that they have followed a clear process for policy formulation. At last, we have also observed its historical aspects. They have tried to move forward by looking backwards.

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