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It is the dream of every student to study in a foreign country. But it takes a lot of time to select, and get admission within any foreign university. A student has to go through the admission criteria and other university requirements. It makes the admission criteria more difficult. In recent years, UK has become the top destination for international students. The UK's education system is much shorter as compared to other countries. UK is the hub of world-class universities that offer a wide range of degrees. Over the years, UK universities have earned an undisputed reputation. There are several reasons that can help you in selecting UK as your foreign degree destination. If you get a degree from a top UK university, it will increase your CV's worth. Apart from academic reasons, there's a lot more you will learn from the UK universities.

This article aims to discuss the top reasons for why one should study in the UK. So let's discuss them in detail;

1. Home of World's Top Universities:

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The UK has world-class universities. These universities are helping students quench their thirst for knowledge. The University of Oxford grabbed the first position in World University Rankings 2021. At the same time, the University of Cambridge grabbed the 6thposition. Apart from this, there are other universities too that are welcoming international students. You can select any UK university for your degree, and you will learn a lot during your stay in the UK.

2. Work Permits While Studying:

One of the biggest advantages of selecting UK universities are work permits while studying. As a student, you have to manage your finances too. At the same time, life in a foreign country like the UK is very expensive. UK's study visa allows students to work 20 hours per week. So you can manage your tuition fee and rent while having a part-time job. This part-time job will help you support yourself in hard times.

3. A Wide Range of Courses and Degrees:

UK's universities are offering a wide range of courses and degrees. You can choose your degree and department according to your own choice. There are academic counselling offices that can help you choose a degree. You can declare your major in your junior year after studying different courses. It will help you choose a better degree for yourself in your area of interest.

4. Availability of Financial Benefits:

Another benefit of UK's universities is financial benefits. If you have an impressive academic background, you can avail the scholarship. The director of PhD dissertation writing services said that Oxford International is offering many scholarships and financial assistance for international students. It targets students of different world regions and offers them scholarships. It can help you cover your tuition fee or academic dues. Apart from this, you can get scholarships through grants and bursaries.

5. A Short Duration of Degree:

Another benefit of choosing a UK university is short duration of the degree. For example, you can complete an undergraduate degree in three years. At the same time, you can complete your master's degree in a year. It is a shorter period as compared to the USA universities. Completing your degree in a short time will help you in saving your finances and time. It will also help you minimise your living expense and rents.

6. The Best Place to Improve Your English:

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If English is not your first language, then it can be a problem for you to communicate. English is an international language, and you should learn it too. If you cannot speak this language in fluency, your university can help you. Almost every UK university helps its students in learning the English language. If you know the basics of this language, you can get help from your university to improve it.

7. Famous Places:

Apart from education, there are several reasons to select UK as the destination for your degree. There are a lot of famous places that you should visit. There are a lot of famous places near different universities. You can visit those places in your free time. It will also help increase your exposure. Apart from the hectic city life, you can visit the countryside too. The UK has a lot more to offer apart from education.

8. Free Healthcare:

If you live in the UK for more than six months, you can avail free NHS Healthcare. It means that if you need any medical facility, you do not have to worry about your financial condition. In this regard, you have to register yourself with a doctor. That doctor can be practising locally, or working at your university. Healthcare facilities are expensive in a country like the UK. But as a student, you can enjoy free healthcare facilities.

9. Diverse Culture:

The UK has a very diverse culture. It welcomes students from all over the world. According to the coursework writing services firm, these students have different ethnicities, languages, and cultures. When you are studying with other international students, you can learn a lot. It helps you in knowing their culture, and you develop a bond of friendship. You can share your culture with other fellows and in this way, you will represent your country.

10. Career Opportunities:

It is another major advantage of studying in the UK. Your degree will help you find a good job. A UK degree has a worldwide worth. Most of the multinational companies will accept you without any fear. You can have a good career opportunity after completing a degree from any UK based university.

Study in UK

It is the dream of every student to study in the UK. There are several reasons to choose a UK university for your degree. You can complete your degree in a short span if you study there. Apart from this, you can also work while studying. It will help you in covering the educational expenses. Furthermore, you can enjoy free healthcare facilities. The UK has a welcoming culture, so you can interact with other countries’ students as well. Furthermore, it will help ensure good career opportunities for yourself.

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